Watch the Challenge Video

Pastor Tim is nominated to perform the now-viral "Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Awareness". He, along with associate pastor Danny Lee and PIF Youth Director Danny Arias accept -- with a creative twist in mind.

Did Pastor Tim call you out to the Challenge? Watch the video and find out. (The outdoor scene begins at the 6:56 mark.)

What Is This Wall You Speak Of?

We want to equip today's children with strong academic and spiritual teaching. In the country of Nicaragua, we pray and work to bring up children who will one day grow up and become capable leaders for the nation. It all began with a school in León, Nicaragua.

Now, we need to protect the children and staff at the school. This cause to build a wall of safety and security for them is known as The Nehemiah Project.

GIVE NOW: Help Us Build The Wall Together

Pastor Tim may have publicly challenged many people, but the act of giving takes more than just pouring ice over someone's head. He's called out EVERYONE to give towards the cause of protecting the children and staff in our school in León.

Every gift counts, no matter how big or small.

Will you accept the challenge? You don't even have to set up an ice bucket or dunk yourself. Just take a moment and commit to giving a one-time gift of $25 or more towards the building of the Wall -- the Nehemiah Project.

  1. Fill out the submission form.
  2. Hit Submit.
  3. Pay in one of three ways.
    1. CASH. Turn in your gift after Sunday Service on August 24.
    2. CHECK. You can hand in a check on August 24. Please make it out to PIF.
    3. PAYPAL. If you want to give right now, just use the PayPal button below.

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