Community Groups

Community groups remain the church within the church. Members of PIF meet in smaller groups for spiritual accountability, deeper personal relationships, and intimate fellowship.

During community group meetings, we discuss the Bible, share personal struggles, and pray with one another. The summer semester are more activity and fellowship based with a continued focus on Biblical relationships and development of faith through prayer.

What can I expect?

Small gatherings of people meet together for about 90 minutes once a week. Community groups are an essential part of your growth in your relationship with God. They also help build genuine relationships with others in the church -- by studying, praying and doing life together.

Why should I consider joining?

Because life isn’t meant to be lived alone. We run one race, with different paths on different tracks, but we're all in this together. Community groups meet to share with each other, support each other through prayer, and seek God as a church community — together.

How do I register?

You can sign up on this page directly below or through our my PIF app on your phone. 


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