Create a Connect Group

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Use this form to publish a new connect group to the church database for registration and public availability. Fields with an asterisk * are required. Your new connect group (pending approval) will be available for congregants to sign up when the new semester launches.

Leader Name *
Leader Name
Co-Leader Name
Co-Leader Name
Fill in the name of your co-leader if applicable. Otherwise, leave blank.
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
Your connect group will happen on this day each week for the duration of the semester.
Start Time *
Start Time
Connect Groups end 90 minutes from the Start Time.
First Meeting Date *
First Meeting Date
Last Meeting Date *
Last Meeting Date
This should be 12 weeks from your First Meeting Date
Write a paragraph about your group. List the material you'll be using, and any other details that you would like a new participant to know. This may include accommodations like childcare, snacks, street parking, etc. Your description may be edited for clarity.
Examples include "Church 8th floor" or "Deacon Dan's House." -- If you're still looking for a venue, write "TBD" in the box below.
Venue Address
Venue Address
The approximate neighborhood of your group will be shown but only the approved participants of the group will see the exact location.