We want to tell everyone that #JesusIsAlive!

It's our Easter creative project. We're exploring ways in which we can share the good news of Easter with others -- friends, family, coworkers, peers -- and what better way than through social media and the Internet! Starting Monday, April 7 through Easter Sunday, come to this page and you'll find the pictures we've taken of you as part of this project. What do you do next?


Select your photo to download.

Find your photo on this page and click on it to view it full size. Right-click on your full size photo and save it to your computer. The way in which you save depends on your browser.

Share it with everyone online.

Got Facebook? Make it your new profile photo. Tweet it or upload it to Instagram if you have one. The point is to share it with everyone who sees you on the Internet.

Invite others to Easter Service.

Add a caption (along with your photo) that invites your friends out to our Easter Service at PIF, on Sunday April 20th at 1:30PM. Send direct messages when possible as part of your invite.

Special thanks to Carlos Duque and Christina Ryu for creating our beautiful signs. Kudos to Sam Park and Jonathan Baek for their incredible photography skills.