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PIF moves into a season of transition. 


On Sunday, June 28, Pastor Tim Harris read a statement to the congregation of Promise International Fellowship. He was accompanied by the Rev. Nam Soo Kim, senior pastor of Promise Ministries International.


We strive to communicate with the church community both clearly and transparently during this transition period. Below, you'll find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

What's happening here?
God has opened up a new door of ministry for Pastor Tim and his family. Pastor Tim was elected to lead a congregation in New Jersey. They have joined the First Assembly of God in Shrewsbury, New Jersey where Pastor Tim will now serve as the senior pastor.

How long did Pastor Tim remain with PIF after his June 28 announcement?
Pastor Tim and his family transitioned out of PIF at the end of July.

How are Promise Ministries and PIF communicating during this transition?
The Sunday after receiving Pastor Tim’s letter of resignation, Rev. Nam Soo Kim, the Promise Ministries Elder Board and the PIF Deacon Board met to set up a transition plan, including selection of an interim pastor and the process for selecting a new permanent lead pastor of PIF. According to Rev. Kim, the transition period began effective June 28. Meetings with the Elder Board will be ongoing during the transition period.

What is the transition plan currently in place at PIF?
Rev. Nam Soo Kim, the Promise Ministries Elder Board, and the PIF Deacon Board formed a search committee to begin looking for the next lead pastor of PIF.  The search committee is comprised of five (5) members of PIF, two (2) members of the Promise Ministries Elder Board and one (1) pastor of Promise Ministries. Of the five (5) members from PIF, two (2) are PIF Deacons.  The remaining three (3) members are PIF congregation members selected by the PIF Deacon Board.

Who will step in to lead the congregation during this transition period?
On August 13, PIF and Promise Ministries announced that the Rev. Pete Richardson will step in and lead PIF as its interim pastor. Pastor Richardson will assist with conducting the ongoing business of the church, including preaching during Sunday services and providing guidance to PIF staff and leadership, until a new permanent lead pastor of PIF is chosen.

What can I do to help during this transition period?
First and foremost, please pray.  Please keep Rev. Kim, the Elder Board, the PIF Deacon Board and the pastoral search committee in your prayers as they work to find PIF’s new lead pastor.  Secondly, continue to be faithful in your areas of service within PIF.  As Rev. Kim mentioned in his remarks to the congregation, although the postman may change, the letter must still be delivered. PIF’s commitment to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ remains unchanged while we enter this time of transition for the congregation.

Who should I speak to if I have questions?
The members of the PIF Deacon Board are available to answer any questions you may have. See the list of our Deacon Board members on our staff page.


The Pastoral Search Committee
Meet the people who will search for our next pastor.

  Christina Ryu  PIF

Christina Ryu

  Danny Lee  Assistant Pastor, PIF

Danny Lee
Assistant Pastor, PIF

  Paul Yoo  PIF

Paul Yoo

  Ismael Laboy  PIF Deacon

Ismael Laboy
PIF Deacon

  Dan Ha  PIF Deacon

Dan Ha
PIF Deacon

  Reverend Ben Hur  Promise Ministries

Reverend Ben Hur
Promise Ministries

  Elder Yoo  Promise Ministries

Elder Yoo
Promise Ministries

  Elder Rhee  Promise Ministries

Elder Rhee
Promise Ministries